Popunie clipoverzicht oktober 2018

Het Popunie clipoverzicht van oktober 2018 staat klaar! In deze tweede herfstlijst opnieuw een groot aantal nieuwe videoclips van Rotterdamse acts en bands. Voor zover deze op onze radar zijn verschenen hebben we deze voor je op een rijtje gezet.

De Bommelband – Breng Me Terug (Naar Rotterdam)
Caffeine – The One
Low Gain Antenna – Dream
Massa – Intermassa (live)
ScaveMusic – Telkens
CAS – Everything Works Out (MFLY Sessions)
Ricky De Sire – Manilla
Raw Roets – Bad ft. Melissa Lopes
VirgilVurr – Dansi ft. Iwan Esseboom & Wizard
FFlean – Potverdikkie
Nana Fofie – Dja Dja Mashup
Lil Zjans – Hossel Je Mossel
KiddyBeatz – Kiddysessie 2
Ricky da Dragon – Jollywood
Kevtendencies – o a t h 誓い
Hermano – Dunes
Ella East – Would It Be (live @ Sofar Rotterdam)
St. Maane – I Wrote U A Book (live session)
Goslink – Hoge Gebouwen
Nana Fofie – Odo
Alexandra Alden – Keep Floating
Cashkassa ft. Xcentriek – Vervloekt
Aliaz – Bataille
Skarnival – Halloween
FABZ Pi – Pluto
Sommerhus – Pact Of Steel (Jozzonet)
Dread Pitt – Terracotta
My Own Army – Married in Concrete
Dennis Kolen – Halloween
Le Motat – Afstand (Tatatatata Weet Je Wat Ik Bedoel)
Hurricane Joe – Gypsy
Marvin Dee Band – Bolt Everything Down
Kevtendencies – r e l e a s e 解放
Mingue – Drama
$hirak ft. Mula B – Fils De Pute
2Ayem – Eyes On You
E.G. – Op En Neer
Massa – The Deep End (live)
Wowi – Dichterbij
Si Christina- She is Africa

De Popweek-route van Laura Hofman (King Sepi)

De Rotterdamse Popweek komt eraan en dat betekent keuzestress! Het evenement is de laatste jaren explosief gegroeid waardoor ruim 700 acts tijdens de Popweek 2017 hebben opgetreden op 100 locaties verspreid over de hele stad.

Het kan zomaar zo zijn dat je dit jaar door de bomen het bos niet meer ziet. Daarom hebben wij speciaal voor jou, als Popweek-ganger, een aantal mensen gevraagd waar jij ècht heen moet tijdens de Rotterdamse Popweek. Zie hier de tips van Laura Hofman, in de vorm van een Popweek-route. Let op: in het Engels geschreven.

Friday 2 Nov. 21.00 – Slow Crush | Mumrunner |Petersburg Orderer @ Roodkapje
This evening is for shoegaze lovers! Not only focusing on shoegaze but also remembering the roots in indie music and in alternative rock. Belgium band Slow Crush who just played at Left Of The Dial festival, released their debut album Aurora in September. If you missed their show this is your change to see them (again). Slow Crush delivers pure shoegaze, Mumrunner from Finland mixes it with alternative rock and dream pop soundscapes and Petersburg Orderer brings indiepop straight from Amsterdam. Free entrance!


Sunday 4 Nov. 18.30 – Queens Of The Industry @ Worm
Second edition of Queens Of The Industry at Worm shows the freshest female artists conquering Rotterdam right now in music and art. The Netherlands isn’t always the easiest place for female artists and I am happy to see how young women want to change it. And they will change it! Expect music, films and handmade vintage blazers by Valerie Buskop. Early starting time!

Tuesday 6 Nov. 20.00 – Suzuki Junzo |Fuji |Stoflong @ Herman
I still haven’t visited the new location of Herman since they got their own steady spot in Charlois but that will change soon. As a Finnish person I feel deep connections to Japan and I’m really curious to hear the live sound of Suzuki Junzo and Fuji, the psychedelic improvisation group where he also plays in. Evening of alternative music for everybody who likes psychedelic music and improvisation sounds. Cheap beer!


Thursday 8 Nov. 20.30 – Paddy Steer + Harry Merry @ Roodkapje
Textuur is back! Series of concerts for adventurous live music was in a sleep for a while but got awake earlier this year and is traveling between venues like Roodkapje, Pink Pank and Poortgebouw. Textuur is known for weird, avantgarde and listener challenging music, bringing two unique one-man acts on stage on November 8th. Harry Merry is familiar to everyone who swims in the water of the alternative scene of Rotterdam but Paddy Steer, cosmic multi-instrumentalist from Manchester, brings his otherworldly mixture of styles, costumes, instruments and music for the first time to Rotterdam.


Saturday 10 Nov. 21.00 – Bawrence of Aralia + Dancehall @ Roodkapje
Bawrence of Aralia released their first album Bawredom just a few weeks back and immediately got four stars from Volkskrant. Strong art pop from Bawrence of Aralia and melodic punk with a twist of shoegaze from Dancehall is the recipe of this evening. Subroutine Records, the label who releases the most interesting underground records at the moment, plays selected songs from their growing catalog during the evening.


Sunday 11 Nov. 16.30 – Punk Is Not Dead Fest @ Bar³
I have spent my teenager years at the punk scene in Finland and when I moved to The Netherlands almost 12 years ago, I was surprised by the lack of a punk scene. No mohawks on the streets, no leather jackets full of political pins, no angry screaming youth on stage! Luckily things change and Bar³ is showcasing five punk bands from Rotterdam, starting nice and early on Sunday so that we old farts can join too! Doors 15.00, first band 16.30.

Check out the full Rotterdam Popweek program here!